What have you learned?


always-learning-never-failing1People have been asking me this question a lot lately.

Quick backstory: I recently stepped away from a startup, Brandfolder, I co-founded and served as CEO for the past 18 months.

By stepped away, I mean I am no longer the CEO and am not involved with the company in a full-time capacity. I remain an investor, advisor and general supporter of the team.

After 18 months in the trenches, I’m in a state of transition and uncertainty as I contemplate and search for “what’s next”.

The last 10 weeks have been primarily a time of self-reflection and exploration. I want to have concrete answers to “what have you learned?”, “what do you want to do?” and many other questions that both I and others have been asking me during this period of transition.

A big ‘ol, cathartic braindump feels like the best way to go about it. My next post is the (lengthy) beginning of that braindump.

I’m interested to see how it pans out and am open to anyone’s thoughts who may run across what I’ve got going on here.

If you’re interested in learning what I’ve learned and how I’m approaching “So, what’s next?”, you can follow my posts, comment, direct me to good reading (books preferred over articles) or do whatever else you want to do to interact and engage.

keep moving,


Oh, it’s on…


So, I was telling some folks tonight how I was getting (back) into blogging.  I was asked directly, “what are you blogging about?”, to which my responses was “whatever I want”.  In writing, that sounds flippant, but when you are able to justify it verbally as in “I just want to write stuff down.  It’s cathartic and it helps me consider stuff more” I think that’s fine.  People get that and hopefully get it to the point that they too will just start typing away.

I inherently enjoy writing.  It’s a fun, rewarding process.  So, my brain goes to “why the hell don’t you do this more often?” .  Maybe b/c it’s hard, don’t know.  More likely b/c it takes time, however little.

I was talking to a new student at gSchool and he mentioned that he was blogging, mandated by the program I think.  To which, my response was “Awesome! They had us do that at DevBootCamp and then it fell off after like 3 weeks b/c people were overwhelmed, but keep with it!”.

I love to hear that Kareem is blogging and that he finds it difficult to execute b/c it is.  Hey, I’m here just trying to write a little bit and it’s damn freaking hard.  It really should not be, but it is.  It’s really a time allocation and persistence thing.  I bet money that, in the near-term, Kareem lets it lapse (understandable given the amount of learning he’s got going on).  I am doggedly determined not to let this happen to me again and to keep this going at at least 1x / week.

And yes I will post content other than about myself blogging, so check in often.


Getting back into the groove


I once again am committing myself to regular writing.  I am not delusional enough to think that everything I put down here will be mind-blowing and exceedingly valuable for all who come across it.  What I’m aiming for is developing a consistent pattern of writing frequency.

I’m working a ton on launching a new company called Brandfolder, click that link, sign up for our private Beta, and you too can have a very useful brandfolder in the not so distant future.  I am thoroughly enjoying it, working with great people, learning as I go, and doing doing doing.  I can honestly say I would not rather be doing anything else, and I am completely confident in what we’re doing and who’s doing it.  But I digress, but not really b/c this is my blog and part of the point is to digress and occasionally plug my company.

The content I’lll be posting here will vary: business-related, personal-related, learning-related, observational, and the majority probably stream of consciousness b/c that’s what I skew toward.  Who knows?  I might even throw a little fiction on here.  My goal is to start out with 1 post per week and hopefully up that frequency as I get into the groove.

The layout and design will likely be quite ugly and under-cared for as that’s not my aim here.  This is all about content generation, developing a rhythm, clearing my brain and catharsis.

Allright, I’ve achieved some of that with this post, so time to wrap it up.  Feels good to put fingers to keyboard to create content outside of an inbox.

Getting down to it


I had a great conversation with a great friend last night, one Ty Walrod, and we decided that we need to be writing on a daily basis.   Now, I have been doing some writing of late over at http://codesponge.tumblr.com/, but the regularity of my writing has been lacking.  I chalk this up to laziness and the fact that it can be easy to chalk writing up to a non-value add activity, which is the wrong perspective to have.  Writing is high-value add, prob. more so than most things I (you) spend your time doing.  It is easily avoidable because it is difficult to do. Creating content over any medium is difficult and time-consuming ad to get good at it, we must practice.  

So, I have made a commitment to myself and to Ty that I will write everyday about something, shit about anything.  Ty will be doing the same, so we have some nice accountability going on here that should lead to each of us being productive journalers.  At this point, I have no cohesive them to what my writing output will be, but I am excited to see how it progresses and grows and enables me to reflect on the life that I am living.  

First Non-Automated Post


I set this blog up probably about a month ago now and am finally making it around to actually writing something on it.  There’s only so long you can play around with the WordPress settings until you’re forced to realize some things:

1) Nobody will ever leave 50 comments here, so why am I deciding where I should set the maximum for comment nesting (clearly I chose 50 – so, get to commenting…)

2) I don’t know what a lot of the settings are even referring to and I’m too impatient to try to find out

3)  I am procrastinating.

That’s it for now.  I just got finished watching a documentary on Hans Rosling, a Swedish doctor, international health professor and international lecturer – TED talks, political events, playboy mansion (maybe not).  This man does it all.

The documentary is on Youtube right chea (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_7howQzatw) – if you have an hour of downtime, I highly recommend watching it.

I’ll get to what I’m actually doing with this blog next time around, but mainly it will be an avenue for my thoughts (as most blogs are I suppose) and a medium to receive feedback/learn new things from anyone who is so kind as to leave comments (reference #1 above).

Hello world!


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