Oh, it’s on…


So, I was telling some folks tonight how I was getting (back) into blogging.  I was asked directly, “what are you blogging about?”, to which my responses was “whatever I want”.  In writing, that sounds flippant, but when you are able to justify it verbally as in “I just want to write stuff down.  It’s cathartic and it helps me consider stuff more” I think that’s fine.  People get that and hopefully get it to the point that they too will just start typing away.

I inherently enjoy writing.  It’s a fun, rewarding process.  So, my brain goes to “why the hell don’t you do this more often?” .  Maybe b/c it’s hard, don’t know.  More likely b/c it takes time, however little.

I was talking to a new student at gSchool and he mentioned that he was blogging, mandated by the program I think.  To which, my response was “Awesome! They had us do that at DevBootCamp and then it fell off after like 3 weeks b/c people were overwhelmed, but keep with it!”.

I love to hear that Kareem is blogging and that he finds it difficult to execute b/c it is.  Hey, I’m here just trying to write a little bit and it’s damn freaking hard.  It really should not be, but it is.  It’s really a time allocation and persistence thing.  I bet money that, in the near-term, Kareem lets it lapse (understandable given the amount of learning he’s got going on).  I am doggedly determined not to let this happen to me again and to keep this going at at least 1x / week.

And yes I will post content other than about myself blogging, so check in often.



One thought on “Oh, it’s on…

  1. Besides the class blog, I’m also keeping a personal journal as I go through gSchool. I haven’t journaled much before, but other times when my life has changed this dramatically, I really wished I would have. It is really hard to do it when you have so much curriculum, hoping my Google calendar reminder will be enough to keep me motivated!


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