Getting back into the groove


I once again am committing myself to regular writing.  I am not delusional enough to think that everything I put down here will be mind-blowing and exceedingly valuable for all who come across it.  What I’m aiming for is developing a consistent pattern of writing frequency.

I’m working a ton on launching a new company called Brandfolder, click that link, sign up for our private Beta, and you too can have a very useful brandfolder in the not so distant future.  I am thoroughly enjoying it, working with great people, learning as I go, and doing doing doing.  I can honestly say I would not rather be doing anything else, and I am completely confident in what we’re doing and who’s doing it.  But I digress, but not really b/c this is my blog and part of the point is to digress and occasionally plug my company.

The content I’lll be posting here will vary: business-related, personal-related, learning-related, observational, and the majority probably stream of consciousness b/c that’s what I skew toward.  Who knows?  I might even throw a little fiction on here.  My goal is to start out with 1 post per week and hopefully up that frequency as I get into the groove.

The layout and design will likely be quite ugly and under-cared for as that’s not my aim here.  This is all about content generation, developing a rhythm, clearing my brain and catharsis.

Allright, I’ve achieved some of that with this post, so time to wrap it up.  Feels good to put fingers to keyboard to create content outside of an inbox.


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