Getting down to it


I had a great conversation with a great friend last night, one Ty Walrod, and we decided that we need to be writing on a daily basis.   Now, I have been doing some writing of late over at, but the regularity of my writing has been lacking.  I chalk this up to laziness and the fact that it can be easy to chalk writing up to a non-value add activity, which is the wrong perspective to have.  Writing is high-value add, prob. more so than most things I (you) spend your time doing.  It is easily avoidable because it is difficult to do. Creating content over any medium is difficult and time-consuming ad to get good at it, we must practice.  

So, I have made a commitment to myself and to Ty that I will write everyday about something, shit about anything.  Ty will be doing the same, so we have some nice accountability going on here that should lead to each of us being productive journalers.  At this point, I have no cohesive them to what my writing output will be, but I am excited to see how it progresses and grows and enables me to reflect on the life that I am living.  


Your take here...

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