First Non-Automated Post


I set this blog up probably about a month ago now and am finally making it around to actually writing something on it.  There’s only so long you can play around with the WordPress settings until you’re forced to realize some things:

1) Nobody will ever leave 50 comments here, so why am I deciding where I should set the maximum for comment nesting (clearly I chose 50 – so, get to commenting…)

2) I don’t know what a lot of the settings are even referring to and I’m too impatient to try to find out

3)  I am procrastinating.

That’s it for now.  I just got finished watching a documentary on Hans Rosling, a Swedish doctor, international health professor and international lecturer – TED talks, political events, playboy mansion (maybe not).  This man does it all.

The documentary is on Youtube right chea ( – if you have an hour of downtime, I highly recommend watching it.

I’ll get to what I’m actually doing with this blog next time around, but mainly it will be an avenue for my thoughts (as most blogs are I suppose) and a medium to receive feedback/learn new things from anyone who is so kind as to leave comments (reference #1 above).


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