What have you learned?


always-learning-never-failing1People have been asking me this question a lot lately.

Quick backstory: I recently stepped away from a startup, Brandfolder, I co-founded and served as CEO for the past 18 months.

By stepped away, I mean I am no longer the CEO and am not involved with the company in a full-time capacity. I remain an investor, advisor and general supporter of the team.

After 18 months in the trenches, I’m in a state of transition and uncertainty as I contemplate and search for “what’s next”.

The last 10 weeks have been primarily a time of self-reflection and exploration. I want to have concrete answers to “what have you learned?”, “what do you want to do?” and many other questions that both I and others have been asking me during this period of transition.

A big ‘ol, cathartic braindump feels like the best way to go about it. My next post is the (lengthy) beginning of that braindump.

I’m interested to see how it pans out and am open to anyone’s thoughts who may run across what I’ve got going on here.

If you’re interested in learning what I’ve learned and how I’m approaching “So, what’s next?”, you can follow my posts, comment, direct me to good reading (books preferred over articles) or do whatever else you want to do to interact and engage.

keep moving,


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