The Problem with “It’s not my problem”



“Not my problem bro, not my problem”

Spickoli_fast times



The Sermon

Spickoli, you were most definitely cool. It wasn’t only me, Phoebe Kates thought so too. You had a time and a place. You had a purpose. You HAD a purpose. You still have a purpose. However, it’s not one I want to deal with on the daily.

I need more from you now. I want you to give a shit. That’s it. So, let me lay that out for you.

A person that does not give defined:

  • Lazy (you do just enough of “your job”).
  • Arrogant (“i’m above that | That’s not my job).
  • Has a low ceiling (you’re not expansive).
  • Doesn’t give a shit (about me, our team, our company, our customers).
  • Is one way (maybe half) not round-trip. This person might start but doesn’t close.
  • Can’t be counted on.

Those of us that are GASy (give a shit)y (sure…) are:

  • Humble – not too good but certainly more than good enough
  • Supportive – interested in furthering the cause and helping others
  • Interested – Keen to take ownership and get the ball rolling
  • Empathetic – in tune with the fact that the problem someone is facing is something that you too would loathe.

A team comprised of people that are GASy will excel. “How can I help?” is a hell of a question. Start asking it. Then, make something happen. Make anything happen and just get the ball rolling.

And, once it has rolled, think about the trip it took and make sure you share it with others, so that they may learn (and understand) the path and improve upon it.

Lead with an attitude of service. Listen to people. Figure out how you can help. Help ASAP. Repeat.

Chip in and let the chips fall. It might suck at times (just ask me about it). But, what the hell else are you going to do?


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